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Along my travels from time to time I have been fortunate to acquire books, magazines and paraphernalia from the turn of the last century onwards. Some of this material is fascinating to read and the artwork just astounding. I have started to scan some or all of these and will begin posting them as time permits.

They are assembled and available for download in Adobe PDF format for your convenience.

Housing Manual 1944

Ministry of Health / Ministry of Works

A book published by the U.K goverment describing the short term house building program that would start in the event of WW2 ending in 1945.

click here to download PDF

National Registration Identity Card - 1942

Identity cards (or National Registration Cards) were introduced by the government during World War II. Written on them was the owner’s name, date of birth, address and any changes of address. Both adults and children were given identity cards. They were all brown coloured until 1943 when adults were supplied with blue cards

click here to download PDF

Roof Over Britain

The official Story Of The A.A Defences   1939 - 1943

Published in Britain during 1943 it refers to the anti-aircraft defences spread over the United Kingdom during the Second World War

click here to download the PDF

Front Line      1940 - 1941

The Official Story of the Civil Defence of Britain

Published in Britain during 1942 and issued for the Ministry of Home Security by the Ministry of Information, this book describes what was happening over Britain during the bombings.

click here to download the PDF

Mechanical Engineers Handbook

Fowlers Mechanical Engineers Pocket Book  -  1915

Published in 1915 this Pocketbook covers all things related to mechanical engineering.

click here to download the PDF

Notes On Map Reading

Notes On Map Reading (reprinted with amendments 1939)  -  1929

Published in June, 1939 by the War Office, this manual was intended for the use of candidates for commissions in the regular army and Royal Air Force.

click here to download the PDF

The World Of Wonder

10,000 things every child should know - edition 5 -  1932

Published in December 1932 by the Amalgamated Press LTD, London -  this magazine formed  part 5 of a 52 week volume.

click here to download the PDF

The Cathedral Psalter - circa 1948

Canticles and Proper Psalms Pointed For Chanting

Rescued from Talgarth Mental Hospital - Mid Wales

click here to download the PDF

RAC Handbook - 1954

Royal Automobile Club Guide & Handbook

This edition was published in 1954 and produced by Hazell, Watson & Viney, LTD - Aylesbury and London

click here to download the PDF

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