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WW2 Ruins around the U.K

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My interest in World War 2 started a few years ago after a chance conversation with my 82 year old uncle at a family get together. I had some vague idea he was in the war but had never given it much thought. I was astonished to learn he was a marine and had been involved with the operation at Dunkirk, it was all very harrowing and the conversation ground to a halt as he was extremely uncomfortable talking about it. I started doing some research and found that in the area I live ( Cannock Chase in the U.K ) there were over 10 military and POW camps alone !

Below are are some of the places I have visited and I have many more to investigate. Sadly several of these have already been bulldozed and those that remain are extremely forlorn.

This page is very picture heavy so may take a few second to load with a slower network connextion. Please click on the arrows under each picture to cycle through each set.

RAF Coleby Grange

RAF Condover


RAF Upwood

RAF Stenigot

RAF Nocton hospital

RAF Tilstock

Brigg POW Camp

ROF Wrexham

RAF Seighford

ROF Featherstone

Springhill POW camp

RAF Tatenhill

RAF Tilstock Control Tower

There are some great sources of info about this stuff on various websites out there including;

A forum called midlandsheritage This place has several military forums and I post lots of my stuff up here first. There are also a number of very knowledgeable people who will usually answer specific questions about these places

Control Towers located here is an amazing source of info on WW2 airfields

This website here lists nearly all the 1045 Prisoner Of War camps located across the U.K

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