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Industrial decay around the U.K

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Steetley Magnesite - 2012

During World War II Hartlepool was the only source of Magnesite production in the U.K, marketed under the name Britmag. Established here around 1937 the site was finally shut down in 2005 and most of it's buildings demolished.

You can find out more information about Steetley here http://www.neolithicsea.co.uk/steetleymagnesite/index.html


Derelict Coke Processing Facility - 2011

Abandoned Gulf filling station, Long Gardens - 2013

Clipstone Colliery - 2010

The colliery was closed by British Coal, as the National Coal Board had become, in 1993 and reopened by RJB Mining (now UK Coal) in April 1994, the licence to dig for coal being limited to the Yard seam which is located at a depth of 957 yards (870 m). The colliery was finally closed in April 2003. The headstocks of the colliery are regarded as the tallest in Europe and the third tallest in the world. They are Grade 2 Listed structures and can be seen all over the district. They are expensive to keep in good repair and there have been a number of appeals, as yet to no avail, to demolish them. But however the clipstone headstocks are nearly demolished now and no one knows what will happen in the future.

San Ysidro "White Mesa" Mine - 2011

Parts of the John Carpenter film "Ghosts of Mars" were filmed at this mine with the almost pure white gypsum sprayed with thousands of gallons of biodegradable red food dye to give the appearance of a Martian landscape.

Holme Bank Chert Mine - 2010

Please visit http://www.neolithicsea.co.uk/holmebankchertmine/index.html to learn more about this mine

Sleaford Maltings - July 2010

The Bass Maltings complex opened fully in 1905, replacing all the small malthouses in the area. The complex struggled to remain open during World War II, but survived and continued operating until 1960. Sir Nikolaus Pevsner considered the huge brewing malthouses to be Lincolnshire's most important industrial architecture, stating in his Buildings of England book: "For sheer impressiveness, little in English architecture can equal the scale of this building". A massive four-storey square tower is in the centre of a line of eight detached pavilions. The total frontage is nearly 1,000 feet.
The Maltings is a Grade II* listed complex.

T.G Green Pottery - May 2010

Please visit this site http://www.derek-green.com/tg_green01.htm for further information

Buxton Lime Firm - 2010

Please click here http://www.neolithicsea.co.uk/buxtonlimefirm/index.html  to learn more about this place

Coalite Headquarters near Chesterfield - 2009

Stevensons Dyers, Derbyshire - 2010

Marchington Barracks - 2009

In 1941 a USA army camp was built in Marchington. The vicarage became the headquarters and an officers’ mess was built in Silver Lane. It became a prisoner-of-war camp in 1944 when the soldiers left for the D-Day invasion of Europe. The British army was still using the camp until the 1960s but the land was finally sold in 1980
This is what remains of the Marchington Central Vehicle Depot and Barracks closed in the mid 1980's

Abandoned Petrol Station outside Newton, Wales - 2009

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