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Added Nacreous clouds to the Weather section 11th Jan 2024

Added Aldeberan to the Astrophotography section 11th Jan 2022

Added NGC1499 to the Astrophotography section 10th Jan 2022

Added IC NGC6992 to the Astrophotography section 13th Sept 2021

Last update 7th July 2024

I have my website set up to display NOAA weather satellite images as they are received.
NOAA - 19 works best for me and makes at least one good pass every 24 hours.
Once I have received the weather data the PC uploads it to the website.
Please click on the link to view the latest images over the U.K

Some passes are better than others and this is reflected in the images.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the page a list of upcoming passes is displayed.

My realtime weatherstation data can be viewed by clicking here


I added a new section to the website called Radio. It contains my trials and tribulations with FUNcube satellite telemetry, SSTV and Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance - SID detection. Hope you enjoy !

If you want to use any of my stuff on here please just link
to the relevant item.....or you could even email me at

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